Trying again…. and again… and again….

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So for those few viewers who regularly visit my blog you may have noticed my lack of blogging or you are on the Pacific Crest Trail. The reason for this is not much has been happening unfortunately. I have become an average at home cook, a master of air drying clothes and became a Costco member but as for the animal business it is basically zip. I have left A-Veterinary Hospital to increase my time available to work with large animals but that was slightly foolish for this main reason; large animal veterinarians don’t do a dang thing over the summer!

Learn from my mistakes little chickadees, the summer is a slow time for large veterinarians with usually only emergency appointments sporadically occurring over the hot months. No, it is October through May that the real work occurs so large animal vets are not too keen to employ or even take on a shadow when nothing is happening. This has led to a stressful summer. Repeated visiting veterinary hospitals, making unanswered phone calls and dropping off resumes physically and digitally several times over until I finally get a call saying “Nope. Not right now sweetie, try again in the fall.” what a horrible conundrum, the vet school application was due September 15th this year, how could I wait till October when what my dreams schools wanted to see was that I had gotten that lost large animal experience??

Needless to say my summer became unusually unproductive and exacerbating. Strangely enough it’s the weird options that turn out to be your savior. When I started hunting for apartments, the one I landed in I hadn’t thought about in months. I had been put on a waiting list in March and then got a call for a room available in May. when I started my search for a large animal doctor to take me on I had my heart set on the big hospitals nearby and yet it was an ambulatory forty five minutes out that didn’t even have a website that gave me six hours of DVM experience at the beginning of my summer (that was an exciting six hours). And now finally, just before the application was due I got my shadowing position at a little non-website owning hospital outside of town. Nothing has happened yet but at least I have the position.

For all the aspiring veterinarians out there, don’t do what I did and tell a veterinary school you have an interest in a field of science you forgot or did not have the resources to experience before the interview, it just makes it look like you are lying. Also don’t waste your time looking for a large animal internship in the summer, 57 times out of 58; nothing will come of your efforts except fatigue. But now I am done with my application, doing well with school and waiting for the large animal busy season to begin.