Hope Webster, future DVM“If you decide to become a veterinary surgeon you will never grow rich, but you will have a life of endless interest and variety.”
~~All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriott.


This site is a chronicle of my journey to become a veterinarian.  It is my goal to serve as a mobile large animal vet, working alongside the farmers and ranchers who pour themselves into raising animals in humane, healthy and safe environments.

I was raised in a metropolitan area and wanted to pursue veterinary medicine from 4th grade, at the time believing my specialty would be exotic cats.  After my sophomore year in high school I spent several weeks helping out on a friend’s ranch and my direction changed when I was introduced to the joys and sorrows that are the life of a rancher.

One of the mitigating factors for the ranchers and their animals, is the accessibility to good veterinary care, even when the animal cannot be transported.  Veterinarians willing to do that are becoming scarce.  This is where I see my calling.

meeting the horsesWhy would I want to eschew treating Mr. Fluffy in a warm office for the possibility of assisting at a difficult birth in the middle of a snow storm?  Call me crazy, but it seems an infinitely more interesting life and a noble partnership with the independent farmers whose livelihoods depend on healthy animals.