Finding My Space

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So going back to my vet school application I have the greatest downfall by not having large animal experience with a DVM so what is my brilliant plan for my summer? Fill in that gap, plus I think it sounds exciting! So first step, find a place to live for the summer! Apparently much easier said than done.

First of all I am very selective when it comes to people I wish to live with so I decided since I don’t have a lot of close, clean friends I am shooting for two bedroom apartments with which I can share the rent with and argue with every weekend for not doing the dishes. This has proved amazingly difficult for my situation. For one, I have never had a credit card therefore I have no credit. I have currently a part time job so I am not making millions but enough to pay rent. What I do have is money. I have saved, earned and received enough money to put down 6 months in advance! And still be stable.

When I started this hunt I kept my eyes pegged on Craig’s list which gave some hopeful prospects but they didn’t hit my standards. As I found what I truly wanted it would be what everyone wanted and be snatched right from underneath us. It is a true nightmare as I watch the clock ticking down to summer time when I will be kicked out of the dorms and I am trying desperately trying to find a place to live!

This market is brutal and fast as I continue to worry I start putting my name with houses with established residents and every property that seems appropriate. I’m desperate but it has been a cruel learning experience. I know so much more about the market then I ever wanted to know and it is amazing how difficult it is to prove to people that I would be a good resident and not a liability but what they truly care about is credit, income and previous history for which I am not that appealing. It is a number game that I am losing but I will find a way.