Communication Experience

· Work

Walking into A-Veterinary Hospital on my first day was intimidating and that affected my work. I initially was the lost child in the corner, afraid to speak and could only clean in silence. I didn’t have a relationship with my coworkers and didn’t seek out new opportunities. I was only a maid and not a pre vet student. Acknowledging my problem I thought it would be to my benefit to work in the retail or service industry over the summer, be forced into a situation where it was my job to talk to people.

Going back to my home town of Bellevue I went job hunting quickly several jobs turned down this seasonal hire. One company that caught my attention because of my brother’s recommendation was Uncle’s games. A novelty board game store whose biggest profit comes out of their sales of Magic The Gathering collectible trading card game. I interviewed and eventually got the job. My coworkers are the kookiest and unique characters, all nerdy in some fashion and all very social. We became friends quickly and I quickly improved my communication skills.

In addition to the relaxed atmosphere of my coworkers I also had the added benefit of fantastic regulars to the shop. Uncle’s regulars are the type of people that understand person space, they break through your shell to give you hugs and high fives, they invite you to eat ramen with this very large circle of Uncle’s fans that had developed over the years.

With these factors I became comfortable in my work environment; I opened up and found the kooky nerd in me. Let’s just hope that the effects stay when I go back to A-veterinary Hospital.