Exciting Saturday

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As I moved through my normal routine one Saturday, I received a call. A dog had a gash in its side, the size of a fist. The dog needed emergency stitches and despite dripping blood on the floor, the giant black lab was still extremely friendly and waged his tail. We quickly went to sedation of the dog and cleaning of the wound.

A generous amount of lubricant was placed on the wound before I began shaving the surrounding area. It took a while but finally I removed all the hair and cleaned off the lubricant that had trapped the hair (handy trick).

Cleaned and Prepped

Cleaned and Prepped








Doctor K trimmed the torn skin around the edges of the wound; this provides fresh surfaces on the edges of the wound to reconnect and heal together. this was followed with a round of suturing and staples to pull the skin together.

That Saturday was much more exciting then I was expecting, definitely a good experience for a vet student.