Rescue Team

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Leaving a concert one evening, my significant other and I were enjoying a stroll, when a small cat pattered up the road to us. It seemed nice, and being concerned about a cat out in what was a very cold Bozeman evening, I tried to attract the cat towards me. After some time we managed to pick up the cat and it was incredibly sweet. I thought it was likely a house cat but most of the residential houses are a good distance from where we were.

I left the cat in my date’s care and walked over to the student union building where I asked for any reports of missing cats. No such reports were made. Uncertain on how to proceed I took the cat into my care for the night. The next morning, I took it to work and asked to use the microchip scanner from the office; no chip.

Now this cat was so kind, it never bit, it never scratched, it was cuddly, it was loving.  Obviously it was good house cat with owners missing it terribly, I thought, but it wasn’t. Doctor K gave the cat a once over and immediately declared the cat a stray. As odd as I think this is, cats living on the streets can be friendlier then pampered house cats. Unable to keep the cat due to my living situations we delivered the cat to the local no-kill shelter just before the huge temper drop, from the typhoon which had originated in Japan.

I became very attached to the cat over the few hours I spent with it, even named it Kiki. I plan on going back to the shelter in the spring to adopt little Kiki if she is still there and available to me.

Warm and cuddly

Warm and cuddly