Happy Dental Health Month

· Clinic Duties, School, Treatments, volunteer

February is the month that vet clinics, or at least A-veterinary Hospital, recognizes the need for good dental health.

On Thursday we received free T/D dental health dog and cat food which we regularly use as treats in the clinic. I sorted them out into little baggies to give out as samples to our clients with our promotion of fifty dollars off a dental for the entire month. Perhaps I will get to see more dentals! This month, I have also become more familiar with the computer and all the multiple functions it has at A-Veterinary Hospital.

To start off February, I spent today doing community service with an on campus function. I made Valentine’s Day cards for the elderly. In addition to getting familiarized with my crafty old self, I also got back into my jazzy side by quoting “My Funny Valentine” by Frank Sinatra on one of my cards. I hope I brought someone back to their younger days and made them smile on Valentine’s Day.