Useful Skills

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Over the years we pick up little tricks and skills to help in our everyday lives. As a child I learned such amazing skills as how to ride a bike which is now very helpful when getting to work. Getting older I learned how to knit which lead to a blanket to keep me warm. My boyfriend along with my father taught me how to upkeep my car. At this moment I am particularly thankful for the skills my father has taught me in remodeling a house. Between sophomore and junior year of high school my father decided to remodel his house. We renewed nearly everything from the insulation to the electrical to the floors, to the roof. At the end there was a significant improvement of what was there before and my skills had been broadened.

In the clinic one room has had many faces, originally it was an exam room before the clinic expanded, then it was a storage space and soon it shall be our x-ray room. With this new change, Doctor K wanted it to be redone and polished up. My skills from working with my father allowed me to get numerous more hours in at work patching holes in the walls, using mud to even up the dings and scratches and sanding it down to a smooth finish leaving the room looking significantly better than before, now all that is left is to paint this glorious room to perfection.

Piper Being Lazy

Piper Being Lazy

In a Doctor's Old Outfit

In a Doctor’s Old Outfit