Porcupine Leg

· Clinic Duties, Treatments

Today we got an interesting patient, his name is “R”  and he is a terrier. He came in with stiches already after another vet clinic had tried to get the quill of a porcupine out of his leg which was after his owner tried to get the quill out of the leg. Doctor K sedated him and quickly worked to find the quill that was now in pieces within the leg and disinfect the area. Doctor K pulled out two rather small pieces and then one large quill piece out of the leg, then could neither feel nor see any other pieces. She then showed me how to successfully stich him back together. While he was still drowsy I was given instructions and administrated Polyflex to “R”.

“R” slept for most of the time that he remained at the clinic in the most awkward of positions and places but was a perfect gentleman. It just so happens that “R’s” owner is Doctor K’s new neighbor which she discovered while in examination.