Exciting Expansion at A-Veterinary Hospital

· Clinic Duties, Treatments

Doctor K has recently been very adamant about expanding the business.  Normally the work hours are 8am to 5pm Monday through Thursday but she wishes to expand through Friday as well she would like to hire another veterinarian, Doctor “R”, and another college student like myself to help with everyday cleaning. Recently our receptionist Bart has become more and more involved in the back of the clinic and is now making it a more common thing as Doctor K has hired a new part-time receptionist “M”. It is hard not to feel the levels of estrogen increasing in the clinic when the entire staff is female. As for physical expansion we have recently been looking at ways to be able to house more animals by buying more cages and setting them up in the staff bathroom with an addition to some isolation cages in case of emergencies.

As for myself, I have been pondering on whether to finally get my driver’s license when my work is clear across town and about 2-3 miles past any bus stop.  The urgency of decision increased when leaving work last night on my bike in the complete darkness, I hit a patch of ice and fell.  It has left me with a very nasty pain in my ankle, scrapes on my hands, and stiff muscles. Not only is it uncomfortable and inconvenient to travel by bike in the midst of Montana winters but it is dangerous!  I have determined this Christmas season I will be completing my hours necessary to change my permit to a license.

Thankfully the idea of having a huge debt to obtain a good car might not be what I will have to deal with when my grandmother has an old but good red car which she has told me is my Christmas gift!

I won’t be driving back to Montana this Christmas just because I feel that is a terrible idea to go over 4 snow laden passes when I have barely become legal.  A little more practice under my belt is in order.