The Best and the Worst

· Clinic Duties, Treatments

Last Monday I went to work to find an adorable grey fluffy kitty “P”, she immediately reminded me of Esther, the only cat we had when I was young, and who died a couple of years back. “P” came in with a troubled paw, while the owners were away she had gotten her paw wrapped in something, Dr. K thought perhaps a rubber band, this had constricted the blood flow and left the paw swollen and very unpleasant to look at, blood work showed no infection but we brought down her fever, cleaned it and performed some laser treatment to help increase blood flow to the paw.

She felt no pain from the paw but it was warm and bled after a needle prick, showing no signs of decay. Dr. K is still baffled by it but for now “P” was going to keep her leg and she stayed all the way until today. Her owner came for her and asked if the rubber bands her daughter had found her in had any affect, we were all taken aback but she explained that a year ago her daughter had found this poor cat in a dumpster with the hind and front paws bound covered in a greasy oil and pepper.

Now one of the reasons I can’t watch horror films is that I have an over-active imagination so what happened as I sat on the bus? Images. I saw that poor cat lying, crying in the filth waiting to die because for some reason someone didn’t want her, I grew frustrated at the inhumanity of it, I nearly cried for those horrible memories. The only consolation was watching that cat be held in its owner’s arms purring, rubbing on her, so glad to be back in the loving arms that saved her one year ago and has been loved for this whole year by people who like me were horrified at such an atrocity.



this was our very loving cat Esther

this was our very loving cat Esther