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Christmas in Retail

Over Christmas break, I returned to the game store where I had worked last summer.  It was nice to be so well thought of that they were itching to have me back.  My plane landed at 7 on Friday evening, and I was “on the floor” at ten the next morning. I think retail is […]

Unexpected Treasures

(Enter stage right) Mr. Orange. I only knew of the situation after it had occurred but Mr. Orange quickly grew to be an important presence in the hospital. Mr. Orange came in having not urinated in several days, hadn’t walked either and had a temperature of 94 degrees. The owners who were short on cash […]

Part Time Technician

Luck is made when opportunity meets preparedness. I think I have always been a strong worker, one who sees the odd jobs that nobody does, takes them on and finishes them. Well my efforts have been rewarded today. Our previous part time technician “A” has left for her new opportunity, leaving a position available in the […]

Cleaning Out Old Memories

I am surprisingly clean for someone of my age group. I frequently clean my room of laundry that needs doing, I dust shelves and desks, and I weed my yard frequently and intensively. From what I have been told, this is a dying talent to keep order and sterilization of living spaces and work places. […]

Communication Experience

Walking into A-Veterinary Hospital on my first day was intimidating and that affected my work. I initially was the lost child in the corner, afraid to speak and could only clean in silence. I didn’t have a relationship with my coworkers and didn’t seek out new opportunities. I was only a maid and not a […]


I sometimes wonder what life would be like under different circumstances, specifically if my family was rich would life be easier? Would I still have my resilient drive to accomplish my goals? Would my desires be more easily fulfilled? There was one thing that I wanted from my summer; for it to feel like summer! […]