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Petting Calves

How wonderful. My application is complete and I have a shadowing position with Dr. C, a large animal vet with a mixed animal practice. Being largely a mobile vet, experience is sparse and spontaneous based on my availability and the seasonal demand. So far the fall in the Yellowstone Park are all brucellosis testing, vaccinating […]

Riding in an Ambulance

This post is not as scary as the title suggests. In my past post I made brief mention that I had gotten some experience at the beginning of the summer. This is me going more in-depth with the experience. After making several phone calls to try and find a shadowing position I called one veterinarian […]

Little Stories

Warning: there are graphic images on this post! For those with weak stomachs, they are located towards the end of the post. There have been so much in my life and while writing for this blog makes me happy and allows my brain to put all these memories to paper, I find I just do […]


April 10th is the name, AAHA is the game! American Animal Hospital Association certification is right around the corner and we are pumping through all the requirements, updates, and maintenance. We have created a new ward in our hospital; the bathroom is now the isolation ward! We installed an over the toilet shelving unit and […]

Whirl-Wind Spring Break

My father has often told me of his days at college and how he paid for tuition but utilized his vacations to earn large sums of cash. I have done the same but money was not the only thing I achieved. Spay and Neuter Clinic Part Two Sunday was a masterful display of coordination and […]

The Paradise Experience 2013

It might not be well known, but I have had chickens growing up.  Perhaps that’s where my enjoyment of barn yard animals originated. Following my 2011 visit, where I was bitten by the bug of Racheris Lifeus Fascinatium, I asked, and Ava graciously extended an offer for me to come back to get some more […]