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Maybe Not this Time: Interview #2

Lesson #1: know the school requirements before you apply. I assumed that just like undergraduate colleges, veterinary programs would have universal requirements with maybe some exceptions for high-end colleges or overseas. I wasted over $300 applying to two schools not realizing I had to take three extra classes to qualify for both of them. Lesson […]

Feeling Sheepish

Montana State has been one of the last frontiers for the sheep industry that has been drastically declining to the competition of Australia, china and New Zealand over the past 70 years. The Professors in this subject are proud and outspoken about the advancements made in this field and attempt to rejuvenate the industry and […]

The One, The Only, TA Webster

My heroic story begins December of 2014, while studying for my comparative anatomy lab final my old advisor Dr. Mattix walks in, starts a pleasant conversation then violently changed the subject to ask “why aren’t you one of my TA’s for next semester?” To which I logically responded with “you never asked me to!” at […]

WSU Interview

Let me start off by saying it was not a happy ending for me. I was not accepted this year and I paid a lot of money for the experience. To start off, the paper application; not a terrible experience but very time consuming. Every little achievement you have ever had, including High school achievements […]

Challenging Classes

In the educational system everyone has a fear of one monster class. Calculus, statistics, organic chemistry, all be considered challenging and to be tackled violently with perseverance, but none challenged me like comparative anatomy. Approaching fall semester I thought that comparative anatomy would be fun and extremely useful to my working knowledge and skill set. […]


For those who might be reading this who do not know the entirety of my fun-ness in college plans here is a brief recap. I walked into MSU with 26 credits; basically a sophomore in my first year. Talking to my advisor, Rebecca Mattix about possibilities, I realized I could be a viable candidate this […]

Little Stories

Warning: there are graphic images on this post! For those with weak stomachs, they are located towards the end of the post. There have been so much in my life and while writing for this blog makes me happy and allows my brain to put all these memories to paper, I find I just do […]

Not enough days in the week

I often find myself sitting in my room wasting my time watching Netflix and I miss that leisure. Some musicians might be familiar with the term hell week, well I have been having my personal hell weeks. In these two weeks that is not yet complete I have taken the GRE, made a banner and made a […]


April 10th is the name, AAHA is the game! American Animal Hospital Association certification is right around the corner and we are pumping through all the requirements, updates, and maintenance. We have created a new ward in our hospital; the bathroom is now the isolation ward! We installed an over the toilet shelving unit and […]

Febuary Over-Load and WSU

Lollipops and candy, checks and cash, cows and horses, these are all things that have been a part of my life recently. Lollipops and candy I received on Valentine’s Day. My mother sent me copious amounts of candy to chew on, and my father sent me a huge package of apple cider, hot chocolate, salt […]

The Culture festival

This is a story about a pig. Well actually it is about what I did today that reminded me of one horrible pig. Today I spent my evening at the 32nd annual, international street food bazaar. I was first informed of it by my mother and decided to spend it with my friend Katie Howe. […]

Happy Dental Health Month

February is the month that vet clinics, or at least A-veterinary Hospital, recognizes the need for good dental health. On Thursday we received free T/D dental health dog and cat food which we regularly use as treats in the clinic. I sorted them out into little baggies to give out as samples to our clients […]

Work and Play

It has been a dizzying two weeks. It has been a while since I felt like I had so little time to be me and yet at the same time it has been extremely good for me. At work I have been officially been promoted to veterinary assistant, I have the giant job description and […]

School Life

Stepping out of my education and moving a bit into my activities so far; I have joined two clubs. The first being the Pre-Vet Club led by Rebecca Mattix, our pre-vet advisor and a very rambunctious lady with an adorable dog named Ava. We have meetings twice a month to discuss upcoming events such as […]

Chamomile Research

Starting yesterday (September 27th 2013) I have become a part of a research project seeing if Camelina  can be used to see if it could be profitable as a micro green for consumption and can increase levels of omega 3 in the body. Omega 3 increases have shown to have many health benefits when in balance with […]

Future DVM’s of WSU

As an aspiring vet, with a very helpful mother, we became aware of this seminar for people truly interested in becoming veterinarians. I was more then glad to be a part of this and signed up. I met very helpful people, got tons of information, and enjoyed myself quite a bit. I feel very prepared […]