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Feeling Sheepish

Montana State has been one of the last frontiers for the sheep industry that has been drastically declining to the competition of Australia, china and New Zealand over the past 70 years. The Professors in this subject are proud and outspoken about the advancements made in this field and attempt to rejuvenate the industry and […]

Finding My Space

So going back to my vet school application I have the greatest downfall by not having large animal experience with a DVM so what is my brilliant plan for my summer? Fill in that gap, plus I think it sounds exciting! So first step, find a place to live for the summer! Apparently much easier […]

Rescue Team

Leaving a concert one evening, my significant other and I were enjoying a stroll, when a small cat pattered up the road to us. It seemed nice, and being concerned about a cat out in what was a very cold Bozeman evening, I tried to attract the cat towards me. After some time we managed […]

Exciting Saturday

As I moved through my normal routine one Saturday, I received a call. A dog had a gash in its side, the size of a fist. The dog needed emergency stitches and despite dripping blood on the floor, the giant black lab was still extremely friendly and waged his tail. We quickly went to sedation of the […]

Interesting Spay Day

Today was my last day of work at A-Veterinary Hospital before the summer break. Nothing was planned for surgery so “A” brought in her two dogs and her sister’s cat for some dentals, spays, and neuters.  Unexpectedly a cat came in to be spayed and the owner was worried she had been bred. This little tabby was six […]


College is a challenge for me. I balance my work and my school while trying to be an adult on my own. Very often I look towards my family for advice and support but there is one challenge I always handle on my own. Each Tuesday through Thursday, 1-5 I travel to work from school. […]

Kangaroo and Wallaby Ranch

One small perk to having several older brothers, you not only get their experiences and connections, but you get their girlfriends’ connections too. My youngest brother (still two years older than myself) has a wonderful girl named Haley who works for the most photographed kangaroo and wallaby ranch in Fall City, Washington. My father and […]