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I sometimes wonder what life would be like under different circumstances, specifically if my family was rich would life be easier? Would I still have my resilient drive to accomplish my goals? Would my desires be more easily fulfilled? There was one thing that I wanted from my summer; for it to feel like summer! […]

Little Stories

Warning: there are graphic images on this post! For those with weak stomachs, they are located towards the end of the post. There have been so much in my life and while writing for this blog makes me happy and allows my brain to put all these memories to paper, I find I just do […]


April 10th is the name, AAHA is the game! American Animal Hospital Association certification is right around the corner and we are pumping through all the requirements, updates, and maintenance. We have created a new ward in our hospital; the bathroom is now the isolation ward! We installed an over the toilet shelving unit and […]