High School

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Newport High School, Bellevue School District

When my mother remarried, we moved away from the district where I had grown up.  Unhappy, I nonetheless settled in to be a good student, knowing the road to becoming a veterinarian was going to be extremely competitive.

US News and World Report ranks Newport as the #3 high school in Washington State, falling only behind 2 schools which have IB programs.  It is ranked in the top 100 schools in the US and has a college readiness score of 73.5%.

The student body is 50% male, 50% female, with a diversity population of 41% minorities.

In my senior year, our choir director had a student teacher for a quarter.  In meeting with the booster organization, the student teacher remarked that she had never seen a school with so much academic pressure on the students.  To us, it was just normal; we knew the bar was high.

Of course I grew to love my new school and have many wonderful friends and memories of great experiences.  I am also incredibly grateful for the fantastic education with which I was provided.

I took 5 AP classes during my junior and senior years — Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Calculus and English Language. I scored four 5’s and one 3.

I graduated with a 3.93 GPA.


I swam for SWIVE (Swim/dive) all four years.

KingCo times for 3 of those years.

SeaKing scholar athlete in my senior year, having maintained at least a 3.7 GPA during my high school career.


AP Scholar with Distinction

Knight Valor, which is community service in excess of 100 hours.

All-Northwest Choir

All-State Choir

Outstanding Volunteer At Seattle Musical Theater

National School Choral Award

Student of the Month-September

Core Values Award

Three Years Varsity Choral Choir

Two Years Varsity Swim Team

Two Years Varsity Jazz Choir

National Honor Society (and Junior National Honor Society in Middle School)

National Society of High School Scholars