Maybe Not this Time: Interview #2

· School

Lesson #1: know the school requirements before you apply.

I assumed that just like undergraduate colleges, veterinary programs would have universal requirements with maybe some exceptions for high-end colleges or overseas. I wasted over $300 applying to two schools not realizing I had to take three extra classes to qualify for both of them.

Lesson #2: have no holes in your application.

If you meant to have large animal experience with a veterinarian, have that experience before you apply. I did not follow this advice and it weakened my application overall. Weakness is not acceptable when competing in essence with five other highly talented people for one seat. However, I managed to at least be in the top third of alternatives so how bad could I be.

Food for thought:

One question at the interview I had to sit on for a while. Perhaps there really is no correct answer as I admired someone’s confidence while giving the opposite answer to mine but ultimately, I liked my answer.

The question was: an elderly woman comes in with her dog who required a certain medication however the women had run out and failed to get more for more than a month. Before you walk in you are told that the women’s husband died three months ago, as you enter the room the women looks up, starts sobbing and asks “did I wait too long?”

How do you respond?

I encourage you to think of how you would respond and why before reading my answer.



My answer:

Obviously be kind and empathetic but express that she, yes indeed, has waited too long. Now this may seem mean or unnecessary but we don’t know much about the women herself. I had to take reference to my own life. I recalled one individual, which you might recognize in your own life, who thinks that they for one reason or another know what is best or think they can do no harm. If you don’t give them the truthful answer they might not change their ways. The women did wait too long she probably already knows that but what if she didn’t. Always be empathetic but at the same time would you ever neglect your dog in this manner? It’s a tough situation but even if the dog will be fine the women cannot repeat this behavior and allow her dog to suffer.