The One, The Only, TA Webster

· School

My heroic story begins December of 2014, while studying for my comparative anatomy lab final my old advisor Dr. Mattix walks in, starts a pleasant conversation then violently changed the subject to ask “why aren’t you one of my TA’s for next semester?” To which I logically responded with “you never asked me to!” at the beginning of spring semester I finalized my position and my hours as one of Dr. Mattix’s prestigious TA’s.

We begin our weekly duties with a meeting at 7 am to review the day’s materials. I then work the second hour of the first lab and a full lab at the end of the day. I then spend two hours on Tuesday evenings working an open lab. There are weekly quizzes on the previous week’s materials. Trivial technicalities of the job, what I really enjoy is teaching my students. My first group was very difficult to work with, I would go over material and receive perfectly blank stares like I was a hypnotist. They eventually warmed up to me but it’s my evening group I have the greatest fun with.

These dudes are very much willing to play with me in amusing conversations, crack jokes, and I usually make a complete fool of myself. I truly believe that education is most effective when students are entertained. By causing laughter I help spark their minds to pay attention even for a little bit to the stuff they find boring. I think I am a decent TA but if not they are at least getting average grades and passing the course which is ultimately my job.