Challenging Classes

· School

In the educational system everyone has a fear of one monster class. Calculus, statistics, organic chemistry, all be considered challenging and to be tackled violently with perseverance, but none challenged me like comparative anatomy.

Approaching fall semester I thought that comparative anatomy would be fun and extremely useful to my working knowledge and skill set. It was much different than anticipated. Granted the class covered a lot of important subjects; the skeletal system through evolution, circulation, respiration, digestive systems, but each subject was taught in basic material and then moved to fun fact trivia. For instance I think it is very important to see how foregut fermentation evolved and how it functions. I am not sure how necessary it was to know that evolved independently from cows with a modified crop in an exotic South American bird known as the hoatzin.

I will acknowledge that my first exam I absolutely bombed; D+ and I was crushed. However the second exam I spent nine hours the day before straight studying and jumped to an A+. As much as I found the material a bit eccentric, it was very useful to reboot my study habits. I have never jammed so much information into my brain in so little time.

I anticipate one day in the future to have someone ask me about a hoatzin.  I will laugh at the irony of having complained about it and promptly file it back in the mental filing cabinet of, “interesting things to talk about at cocktail parties.”