Part Time Technician

· Treatments, Work

Luck is made when opportunity meets preparedness.

I think I have always been a strong worker, one who sees the odd jobs that nobody does, takes them on and finishes them. Well my efforts have been rewarded today. Our previous part time technician “A” has left for her new opportunity, leaving a position available in the clinic which I have been asked to fill.

I will be working Saturday mornings as a technician only; the significance of this chance is incredible. I would not have been offered this position if I was not talented and trusted enough by my office. They believe that I can stand as a technician and I can deal with whatever a customer can throw at me. They trust me with this important position even if it is only for a day out of the week.

I have already started my training; it is more reception work than anything. I am the extra hand for the doctor; I get to help restrain animals and mediate emergencies when they arise. I look forward to advancing my knowledge in all aspects of the office.