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I sometimes wonder what life would be like under different circumstances, specifically if my family was rich would life be easier? Would I still have my resilient drive to accomplish my goals? Would my desires be more easily fulfilled?

There was one thing that I wanted from my summer; for it to feel like summer! I wouldn’t have to study or work or lose sleep. I wanted to get to that point that I got so bored with having free time that I would want a job to fill my time and not need a job to pay the bills. Basically I wanted one week to be so lazy that I would get bored with it and then go find a job.

I never got that week. First week I was back I restarted my summer job of mowing my neighbor’s lawn, I got a job helping another neighbor finish remodel his home and I even applied to three places, all with my mother rooting for me from behind.

Second week I had an interview for Uncle’s games to be a sales representative. The third week I interviewed at Red Robin’s for any position I could get. I wanted a job that dealt with customer service to expand my comfort working with people so I honed my search to jobs that focused on helping clientele.

Within the third week of being home, I had a summer job at Uncle’s Games. My co-workers are great and vary wildly in their personalities and skills. The clientele is even more diverse and strangely similar to A-Veterinary Hospital clientele. There are the regulars that we can joke with and end up chatting with when it gets slow, the people who come in for something very, very specific, and the dedicated loving owners of certain collectable card games that come in frequently and get offended when you pronounce the name wrong.

As a college student I thought I would at least soon be sunken into debt after having to pay 10 thousand dollars a year however I was pleasantly surprised that my persistent hard work so far has left me with almost no need for a job, I have enough money that if I get into vet school after this coming school year, I will have completed my undergraduate schooling with no debt. For a lower-middle class youngest child of four, that’s not bad!