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For those who might be reading this who do not know the entirety of my fun-ness in college plans here is a brief recap. I walked into MSU with 26 credits; basically a sophomore in my first year. Talking to my advisor, Rebecca Mattix about possibilities, I realized I could be a viable candidate this fall for Vet school.

With 10 thousand dollars on the line I decided to take that chance and push myself to only complete two years of undergrad and go straight into the graduate program. But this plan comes with a lot of stress. Organic chemistry your first semester of college can be an exciting and nerve wracking challenge!

For all those people who might be heading into college or those just dealing with stress; find your de-stressor! For me, living out of state has been a growing experience as my mother has pointed out. I cannot just call my parents and ask them to take control and fix my problems. I still call them and complain, but if I miss the bus I just have to bike back cause no one will drive 12 hours just to pick me up.  The occasional “ACK” in my day found a happy home in the familiar.

The first semester of college I had 60 bags of popcorn. That’s right! 60 bags!

40 bags of popcorn worth of kernels

40 bags of popcorn worth of kernels

Just a cool shot.

Just a cool shot.









Popcorn is my favorite pastime food. My father makes popcorn constantly for poker, movies or for no reason at all. My mom has one of those fancy popcorn makers you see at theaters. So when I have a situation throw me a curve ball, I throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave and watch Castle.  The respite helps me regain my focus and composure.

There are many other things that make my stress disappear: sleep, friends, good food, and most importantly my family and loved ones. Calling my parents and telling them about my day is better than therapy. Summarizing the day I tend to find the most fun parts and focus on those then the little pin prick that messed with me 5 seconds ago.

By the by, warm food is the best! My mother’s corn chowder is one of my favorite meals. It was my “leaving for school” meal last August. And if you ever get the time and feel like just feeling warm and happy you can find the recipe on her blog at this link:


well I am off to enjoy my summer vacation, my finals are  done and we are heading home tomorrow, my grades look good so far so my stress has paid off. Look forward to my summer stories.