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Warning: there are graphic images on this post! For those with weak stomachs, they are located towards the end of the post.

There have been so much in my life and while writing for this blog makes me happy and allows my brain to put all these memories to paper, I find I just do not have the time. So these are my little random stories of my life that I didn’t have the time to make known beforehand.


I received 1000 dollars this past week from financial aid. During last summer I got an envelope from Montana State saying that if I accepted their invitation by April 1st last year I would receive 1000 dollars off my first semester. While that was not my main reason for coming to MSU (cough cough Becky Mattix cough cough) but  it was a major factor. It was a random thought this semester that I never got that 1000 dollar discount.

I set to work; I went to admissions, who sent me to financial aid, who sent me back to admissions, which sent me to a different office of admissions and back to financial aid. What did I discover? They did not even realize that I had gotten the scholarship. It was so unheard of that even the people in admissions didn’t think it existed. I was about to give up and believe the scholarship was from a different college that I applied to.

Then my mother called me. She had the original form that we had faxed to the financial aid. I went back and they said that due to my WUE scholarship I was not eligible for this scholarship as I could not have it and my WUE. I was mad! My mother told me that this scholarship form was a contract and by law they were required to give me the scholarship. Using nearly those words verbatim, I got financial aid to step back and award me a cash scholarship for the same amount.  I really felt good, not only for the money, but for the confidence I gained in being persistent towards a goal that was uncomfortable.


In other news I have a class I am required to take here at MSU but cannot due to class scheduling problems. NRMS 240, A.K.A. Ecology. Funny thing to learn, you do not need to graduate from your undergraduate college but you should. When you get to vet school you can send some credits back and end up with your B.S. but Ecology is one of the classes I need to take beforehand.

I have been conversing with the ecology teacher about options as this class is only offered in the fall and I only have one fall semester left. I looked at free self-motivated courses, I was thinking of books to read so I would not have to pay extra money to learn the same thing.

This is apparently not an option. Education is not education without paying incredible amounts of money. I could learn the same information on my own but I have to pay someone to prove that I attained the knowledge.  So while I have taken 1000 dollars off my tuition, I have to pay 1008 dollars to take one online course at the University of Idaho this summer.


I got my GRE scores back! When I initially took the exam and received my immediate math and English scores, I looked at a table and found what I have known for all my life; I am awesome at math and suck at English. The original table showed that my math was as high as 77% and my English was 56% averaging out to 66%.

I had hoped that my writing score would up my grade. I was so wrong. With my final scores I officially had 69% math, 53% English, and 35% writing… I am honestly shocked but I guess maybe someone had a bad day, as writing is subjective for the most part, but I will without a doubt take the GRE this summer.

On the flip side I did take the GRE in my first year of college so I am cool but yeah, definitely need help.

More Hours At Work

Back at the hospital I have been having so much to do that I am starting to die of sleep deprivation! My co-worker “E” has quit as she is getting married this summer (I was invited but am unable to go) and has an internship birthing lambs. This leaves me, L, and Lisa to clean after work which adds an extra hour to my work day, yay for the eight extra bucks boo to the lost time.

Similar to this experience we had no school on Friday so I called and asked if there was anything interesting going on at work in the morning when surgeries occur. After being completely drenched in the rain biking down to work, there was just a dental but I ended up staying the entire day. I learned a few things thanks to Am’s great mentoring such as expressing anal glands.

After work I was so tired and so cranky that I refused to bike all the way back to school without eating first. Stopping off at Taco Del Sol I gorged on a well needed meal with which my mother graciously paid for, which made my mood skyrocket (remembering that I love food; good food will help clear up any bad day!)

Upon reaching my dorm room I jumped into bed at 7:30 and did not rise until 6:30 the next day.


Fun fact about vaccinations: they are really important! You can argue it can cause autism, I’ll argue with my statistical mind that there is no proven CAUSATION between vaccines and autism but that will only make people mad so let me tell you about “S.”

“S” was a nine month old dog that came to foothills with signs of distemper. With our new fancy isolation ward we placed “S” away from other animals to stop the spread. After one night’s stay in isolation, “S” was found to have a different terrible disease along with the suspected distemper.

So for those who do not know, distemper is a virus similar to our human mumps but much more sever which leaves an animal open to secondary infections while the distemper virus attacks the brain cells. The secondary infection that might have occurred was Parvo. The most characteristic sign of parvo is bloody diarrhea. This virus eats away at the intestines, from the inside out and when it hits blood vessels the blood travels through the digestive track and exits as bloody diarrhea.


These are two very terrible diseases that have up to a 91% kill rate in the host they infect. These diseases are preventable! There are common vaccines that are used to prevent these tragedies from occurring but in the case of “S”, the viruses were too much for his weak body to handle.

After a week’s stay in the hospital, he no longer had the will to live, constantly throwing up, having painful diarrhea and disorientation, “S”, at only nine months old, was euthanized as it was clear his poor defenseless body had lost the battle. Doctor “R” came out of the isolation ward crying at the loss of “S’s” life.

“B” the Tripod

On a warmer mood we had a cat in the hospital for a number of weeks, her name was “B”, sweetest cat in the world who had fallen from 30 feet and completely destroyed one of her legs.  The x-rays where impressive, the knee capsule had been torn completely and the bones were by no means in their right position. Looking at the x-rays you would figure someone to be howling and crying but there she was purring like mad and looking for love.


Sleeping Betty

Sleeping “B”








She lost her leg but she didn’t seem to care, on a slow day I played with her in the surgery room and she was roaming and sniffing and nuzzling. Looking at her from the left side, she was totally normal. Her only problem was other boarding cats. Man, when she saw a cat she would tense up and hiss. She is a one cat show.


Betty and I chilling

“B” and I chilling

Tally came back for some fun.

“T” came back for some fun.









Moon the Puppy

Also while at work I got to meet Moon! A little bitty puppy that had not even opened her eyes yet. She had a swollen leg that might have been broken. Upon viewing x-rays it was short of miraculous to think that puppy could walk.

There was nothing wrong with her except for some swelling but looking at a puppy x-ray when most of their “bone” is actually cartilage and not picked up by the x-ray. There are huge gaps between solid bones; it didn’t even look like the femurs were connected to the hips. Anatomy is a strange and miraculous thing when animals are young.

Sleepy Luna

Sleepy Moon








“C” the Tripod

My resent fun was Yesterday! I went to work the entire day for one really cool surgery. “C” a 10-year-old dog had severe bone cancer in his left back leg so we removed it. Watching the entire surgery and placed in charge of the surgery notes I watched as Doctor K first cut through the tensor fascia latae and the isolated the biceps brachii. She severed the ishiatic nerve and closed the femoral artery (absolutely enjoying my new found anatomy vocabulary). There was blood spurting everywhere and it was absolutely enthralling!

During the Amputation

During the Amputation








When the surgery was done, Doctor K dissected the knee to observe the true damage of the bone cancer. The bone was twice as large as it should have been. The inside was almost hollow and you were able to stick your finger right into the gooey center of the tibial tuberosity. He will be fine for now just will have to get used to being a “tripod”-“L”

Before: bone is twice as large but I am holding some flabs of bone hiding the real weirdness.

Before: bone is twice as large but I am holding some flaps of bone hiding the real weirdness.

After, that is the center of the tibia!

After: that is the center of the tibia!