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April 10th is the name, AAHA is the game!

American Animal Hospital Association certification is right around the corner and we are pumping through all the requirements, updates, and maintenance. We have created a new ward in our hospital; the bathroom is now the isolation ward! We installed an over the toilet shelving unit and a new set of cages for which to treat contagious patients separately from others. I have yet to see a case where this would be necessary with perhaps the exception of the bunny with a very nasty eye infection but it is a good change to have around.










To look shiny and nice we decided to sterilize ALL of our equipment that had not been sterilized this year because the equipment will not stay sterilized forever. Most of our supplies are up-to-date but there were buckets of odd equipment we hardly used that needed to be processed: the eye tools, the suction tools, the orthopedic tools, and the retractors. So many rounds of sterilization starting last week were completed today.

These retractors look mid-evil.

These retractors look mid-evil.









With our latest install of our x-ray machine we discovered that the unit had to be inspected so we are not dying of horrible radiation to be certified under AAHA. With about a week left until the inspection our technician Ms. L has been desperately trying to find someone who could come in before the 10th to make sure all the months of hard work did not go to waste. She finally got off the phone and exclaimed that “there is a God” and he came in the form of a local physicist who works frequently for the local hospital.

Local snow storm held me hostage at work until my co-worker Elora took me home

Local snow storm held me hostage at work until my co-worker “E” took me home










Hopefully all will be well on the 10th but it has been a long process.

So as a vet student with a fast track course to vet school, I have come across a few time constraining issues. Signing up for classes, all would have been fine and dandy if my ecology class agreed with my other class, as it stands, I am desperately trying to work out an alternative class or summer course.

Currently I have the unfortunate circumstance of being in limbo when it comes to advisors. My semi current advisor Becky Mattix had me declare my major as animal science as pre-vet is not a major.  She is no longer my advisor, instead I have Jennifer Thompson. Ms. Thompson however, does not have any of my information until this fall, so she cannot advise me.

This whole situation has made my ecology situation even worse as each advisor tries to help but reminds me I am not under their care and I do not have the leisure of time to wait until fall to finally get out of limbo to get answers. I forced my way into Ms. Thompson’s office and finally got answers that I needed and the stress has subdued some.

So as a requirement to applying to vet school, every student has to take the GRE and score relatively well to be considered. Mine is this weekend. I figured the GRE would be similar to the SAT and I would sit in the same relative percentile. After taking a practice online exam, I find I am wrong. The reading is denser, the math are less memorized equation, more critical thinking. I am still completing the exam in pieces and it is very evident that sleep is necessary to my success.

I am slowly working though this hellish week but I am sure that after this semester is over I will fall into a coma for a couple of days, covered in cats, and watching recorded TiVo, then I will apply to Red Robins to earn enough money to get out of under graduate school without debt.


04-25-14 update:

We officially became AAHA accredited on April 10th.