Febuary Over-Load and WSU

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Lollipops and candy, checks and cash, cows and horses, these are all things that have been a part of my life recently.

Lollipops and candy I received on Valentine’s Day. My mother sent me copious amounts of candy to chew on, and my father sent me a huge package of apple cider, hot chocolate, salt and vinegar chips, and the most gorgeous thing I have seen in my life; a hay stack cookie with a chocolate bottom shaped into a massive heart.

I already ate the bottom half...

I already ate the bottom half…









For those who do not know what a hay stack is, it is a glorious family recipe that is created around Christmas time consisting of crunchy Chinese noodles, butterscotch chips and crunchy peanut butter. The peanut butter and the butterscotch are melted together and mixed in with the noodles. This gives you a smooth butterscotch coating with all the savory flavors of peanut butter with a crunch from the noodles; by far, my favorite cookie of all time.

Noticing that I gave a whole paragraph to describe a decadent cookie I hope it is clear that I have an obsession with good food.

Checks and cash are not generally associated with Valentine’s Day however they are well accepted on birthdays. Happy Birthday to me! My family did not and would not forget about my birthday even in this colder than usual winter.

My mother gave me a dress, purse and gift card to Olive Garden, my father, and my grandma and grandpa on both sides sent me generous amounts of cash and very nice birthday cards to brighten my day. My significant other bought me a satin blue head band to tame my wild short hair and a phone case for my habitual breaking of electronics. My best friend, while in Pullman Washington, gave me two cases of rose petal soaps, a romance novel, and a night with her to make brownies. I feel very loved and thankful.

Soap Roses

Soap Roses








My coworkers at A-Veterinary Hospital got me an ice cream cake from Cold Stone known as Midnight Dream;  which was a luxurious chocolate cake with which I shared a piece with my bus driver Doug. Also “T” a frequent flyer cat at our clinic was boarding with us on my birthday and because she is a demur and sweet cat she was allowed to travel about the back of the clinic. While the cat was being cut, she got her nose into the plates and forks so much so that I took it upon myself to do the very difficult task of giving her lots of love and letting her crawl onto my shoulders and purr profusely while I ate my cake.

Little Tally

Little “T”








Cows and horses were a part of the Pre Vet annual Graduate school trip. We visited Washington State University in Pullman to tour the campus, get our hands dirty looking at livers, kidneys, and lungs, and meet the staff of the Vet program there. I will not deny that I was hugely distracted by the fact it was two days after my birthday and my best friend Christine goes to WSU. I made it my mission to see her in my spare time. We managed to play kingdom hearts, make brownies and play cards. It was the perfect birthday gift.

Myself on the left and Christine on the Right

Myself on the left and Christine on the Right









The vet program had a few new experiences for me from my previous visit, such as the equipment and facilities at which vet students can collect horse semen for testing and research. I was delightfully shocked at the difference in my knowledge of anatomy from when I last visited and saw the skeletons and cadavers. There was also the ability to sit in on a pathology class and realize just how different the English language can be when people are throwing around medical terms that are not yet familiar with.  I will predict here and now that terminology will be my greatest struggle and my greatest triumph in school.

Tiny rat skeleton

Tiny rat skeleton