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College is a challenge for me. I balance my work and my school while trying to be an adult on my own. Very often I look towards my family for advice and support but there is one challenge I always handle on my own.

Each Tuesday through Thursday, 1-5 I travel to work from school. I chose the worst place of employment in terms of ease of travel. A-Veterinary Hospital is on the opposite side of town, two miles out from the nearest bus stop. On a good day I find the town of Bozeman to be rather small and if I miss the bus I don’t whine.  I ride my bike all the way into town and go to Taco Del Sol for dinner as compensation. On a bad day when it is sloppy wet on the roads or frozen solid in -15 degree weather, I truly miss that convenient call to home, to ask for a ride. This year in Bozeman we have experienced not one but two cold spikes and for some reason they love to pick my work days to blow the wind ice and snow.

Yesterday, as I prepared to ride my bike to work I put on three pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, two pairs of shirts, heavy duty gloves, ear warmers, a hat, a helmet, and a scarf with which I covered my face. With all of this I still felt the cold, still had all sorts of mucus running out of my nose and yes even frozen fingers. My employer, Doctor K said if it was too cold I did not need to come in to work but I still muscled through, still got to work on time, still kept all my body parts and still did my duties. If that isn’t impressive then I am not telling this story well enough.

Stay warm in those cold temperatures!

that is Frozen water from my breath on my glasses

that is Frozen water from my breath on my glasses