An Unexpected Work Day

· Clinic Duties, Treatments

On Monday during work I was asked to give a deeper clean to the surgery room after it had been splattered with blood. Apparently spays whilst a dog is in heat lead to more serious attacks of blood spraying in the work place.

Come finals week, I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands so at 8:15am on this Wednesday, I called the office to see if there were any interesting surgeries or if they just needed an extra pair of hands. Turns out this day was a cat day. We had “S” come in for a kitty neuter along with his friend “P” for a spay. Kitty neuters are amazingly fast and efficient. It took about three minutes and Doctor K had rendered “S” unable to reproduce.

We also had a little cat by the name of “C” who was in for a spay but in addition had a umbilical hernia or what I would best describe as a hole in the inner lining of tissues below the skin.  Usually this isn’t a problem but if the skin in the area became damaged, the insides of the kitten had a possibility of falling out, and this is caused from improper detachment of the umbilical cord at birth. It just so happens that this kitten had an umbilical hernia that was twice as large as any that Doctor K had ever seen, measuring approximately 3/4th of an inch in diameter. It didn’t help that half way through fixing the hernia the cat started waking up and we spent several minutes waiting for the additional anesthesia to kick in. Needless to say, before the surgery the kitten was a little ball of love and then afterwards in the corner of the cage and was far from being happy.

The last surgery that happened today was a little Chihuahua named “B” who had several benign tumors on his head. I assisted Doctor K with the laser surgery. It certainly was a busy and exciting day, even though I hadn’t been expected.