· Clinic Duties, Treatments

It has been a while since I last posted, which is not to say nothing happened in my life; it is probably just the opposite.

With my pre-vet club we had a very successful dog wash, I stayed for a little more than four hours, forty minutes of which I helped tame the wild and long hair that belonged to two giant St. Bernard’s along with puppies getting their first wash. We had hair everywhere from the dogs that enjoyed the services and those that were just miserable and uncooperative but I had so much fun meeting them all.

I realized that I wasn’t where I wanted to be with my organic chemistry class and decided to try out the Smarty Cats tutoring service that is offered at the school. Needless to say, some tutors are better than others, one used big words to describe bigger words and did not understand why I was confused, the second I ended up teaching instead which has some benefits when you have to think and prove your point to someone who is so adamant about the wrong answer being right but the third tutor I met finally helped me. Not only did she help me but she is in a higher level chemistry class and has taught me things outside the classroom and I am thankful for finally feeling like I am getting to where I want to be.

In my Brazilian Jui Jitsu club, we had a tournament that had no real rewards except the great levels of fun we had, which including watching the girl who was so muscular there was no one who could properly hold on to her to take her down.

At the clinic I was warned that just like the rest of the world I would start out with being the cleaning staff and for a predominant amount of my time I still am but I keep learning new things with each passing week, Dr. K has shown me how to give shot to animals but for now it’s only when they are under anesthesia. She also has been teaching me anatomy and the dangers of certain procedures. She has also been using me to help with minor laser surgeries while I observe on others. I have witnessed many spays but for once I got to see a neuter of this little black lab named “D” where I was surprised as she popped the testicles out of their sockets, I am sure men would have crouched over in pain.

On a daily basis I am responsible for cleaning surgery tools when they are used and have finally learned how to wrap surgical packs and special tools for sterilization. “L”, the technician, taught me yesterday the procedure of analyzing a stool sample. I have met many different cats and dogs like Gizmo the cat that will not stay still for anything, or Schnapps the dog with liver failure (ironic) that made a full recovery after alligator rolling off the examining table to get away from a catheter.

It has been hard but it also has been lots of fun.