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Stepping out of my education and moving a bit into my activities so far; I have joined two clubs. The first being the Pre-Vet Club led by Rebecca Mattix, our pre-vet advisor and a very rambunctious lady with an adorable dog named Ava. We have meetings twice a month to discuss upcoming events such as the annual dog wash to occur on the 19th and the trip to more than likely WSU in November. Previously we had a department of agriculture barbeque and I was one of the leaders assisting in the Home Coming parade.

The second club I participate in is the Brazilian Jui Jitsu club. We meet twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, it is a great self-defense class and helps with so many muscles in the body, especially the core. Originally we had about ten girls in the class with a large majority of it being boys. And this point the class has reduced to about three steady girls including myself and about twelve boys. We occasionally have opportunities to try out our skills in tournaments but these are few and far between.

Also, I have been enjoying the indoor pool on the MSU campus, re-living the glory days of high school and then coming to the realization I’m really out of shape.

hot chocolate and books, a girl's best friends

hot chocolate and books, a girl’s best friends