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Riding in an Ambulance

This post is not as scary as the title suggests. In my past post I made brief mention that I had gotten some experience at the beginning of the summer. This is me going more in-depth with the experience. After making several phone calls to try and find a shadowing position I called one veterinarian […]

Trying again…. and again… and again….

So for those few viewers who regularly visit my blog you may have noticed my lack of blogging or you are on the Pacific Crest Trail. The reason for this is not much has been happening unfortunately. I have become an average at home cook, a master of air drying clothes and became a Costco member […]

Cleaning Out Old Memories

I am surprisingly clean for someone of my age group. I frequently clean my room of laundry that needs doing, I dust shelves and desks, and I weed my yard frequently and intensively. From what I have been told, this is a dying talent to keep order and sterilization of living spaces and work places. […]

Saving Lives

Cats are vicious adorable creatures. My cat Joe may seem timid when you first meet him and loving as you get to know him but when he is in his jungle kingdom that is our yard, he is a hunter!               Since I have been back I have saved […]

Not enough days in the week

I often find myself sitting in my room wasting my time watching Netflix and I miss that leisure. Some musicians might be familiar with the term hell week, well I have been having my personal hell weeks. In these two weeks that is not yet complete I have taken the GRE, made a banner and made a […]

Whirl-Wind Spring Break

My father has often told me of his days at college and how he paid for tuition but utilized his vacations to earn large sums of cash. I have done the same but money was not the only thing I achieved. Spay and Neuter Clinic Part Two Sunday was a masterful display of coordination and […]

Service Saturdays Part 2

It is starting to become my monthly habit that I join Service Saturdays on the first Saturday of every month and do community service. Last month it was Valentine’s Day cards to the elderly; this month I went and met with the elderly. Over at the Gallatin Rest Home, myself and six other volunteers chatted […]

Happy Dental Health Month

February is the month that vet clinics, or at least A-veterinary Hospital, recognizes the need for good dental health. On Thursday we received free T/D dental health dog and cat food which we regularly use as treats in the clinic. I sorted them out into little baggies to give out as samples to our clients […]

What a Day at Work

Today was a very interesting day to say the least. On Saturday, I painted the bathroom at A-Veterinary Hospital in preparation for renovations of an isolation ward. When applying the paint, it was a lighter color then what was previously there and required a second coat which I finished today but my original plan for my Sunday […]

One of Five

Since second grade I have donated my hair approximately once every two to three years. The first time I donated, I felt so amazingly uncomfortable that instead of having to explain my short hair to everyone at my church I asked the choir teacher if I could announce it to everyone before we sang. People kept commenting […]