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Doctor Differences

So I have been continuing my experience with Dr. C and while a majority has been with cattle, which is what I wanted there was an interesting aspect of observing a different veterinarian in general. Dr. K is a very polite, professional character that runs a clean ship while Dr. C is a get in […]

Riding in an Ambulance

This post is not as scary as the title suggests. In my past post I made brief mention that I had gotten some experience at the beginning of the summer. This is me going more in-depth with the experience. After making several phone calls to try and find a shadowing position I called one veterinarian […]

Trying again…. and again… and again….

So for those few viewers who regularly visit my blog you may have noticed my lack of blogging or you are on the Pacific Crest Trail. The reason for this is not much has been happening unfortunately. I have become an average at home cook, a master of air drying clothes and became a Costco member […]

The Paradise Experience 2013

It might not be well known, but I have had chickens growing up.  Perhaps that’s where my enjoyment of barn yard animals originated. Following my 2011 visit, where I was bitten by the bug of Racheris Lifeus Fascinatium, I asked, and Ava graciously extended an offer for me to come back to get some more […]

Paradise, again

Although less time than before, I once again had the pleasure of working with Ross and Ava, two wonderful ranchers, on their ranches.  Paradise is where they call home, and where the dairy cows live.  When I arrived for this learning experience, they were waiting on births from three of the dairy cows, so Paradise […]


Some images of my time at Paradise and Eden ranches.  Click any of the images to view full sized.